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Survivors' truths 

Vera House is honored to present the following powerful personal truths of courageous survivors.

Happy Lesbian Couple

Keyra's Truth

I became friends with a guy I worked with, he also knew my father and worked on vehicles. I thought he was somebody I could talk to [More...]


Lauren's Truth 

Dear B... guy that was my classmate and friend in high school. We were friends and shared a lot of laughs together in our younger years — secrets too. [More...]

Renee's Truth 

My story began almost 30 years ago during an overnight at my best friends' camp on one of the Finger Lakes in Central New York. [More...]

Charlotte's Truth 

My name is Charlotte Reid, and I am survivor of domestic and sexual violence. My story is about what it means to have a safe place to stay. [More...]

Project EMERGE Advisory Group Members 

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Cindy, and I am speaking to you on behalf of Joan, Georgia, Jaylenne and myself. [More...]

Dan's Truth 

I am here today to talk about sexual abuse of little boys; through my own story. [More...

David's Truth 

Hi. My name is David. I am an adult male survivor of sexual abuse perpetrated by my parents. [More...]

Jaime's Truth 

I remember the summer before the abuse began — running through the fields of golden rod and phlox behind our house. [More...]

Jennifer's Truth 

My name is Jennifer. When I was asked to speak here today, I wasn't sure that I could muster up the courage to do it. But, here I stand before you, ready to break the silence. [More...]

Aminata's Truth 

My name is Aminata and my country of origin is Liberia. An African woman is raised to honor and obey your husband at all times. [More...]

Janice's Truth ... FREEDOM

My name is Janice, and I am a survivor of child abuse and domestic violence. [More...]

Melissa's Truth 

When I was asked to speak today at Vera House's Report to the Community I was a bit hesitant at first. [More...]

Dawn's Truth 

I met my abuser my junior year of college. I was not looking for a boyfriend; instead I was focused on getting into law school. [More...]