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Working to create a world free of violence & abuse

"Survivor series" Videos

Vera House is honored to share the courageous truths of survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence through our “Survivor Series” video project. We are grateful to our friends at Solon Quinn Studios for making this project a reality. This page will be updated periodically with additional videos.

Jennifer's Truth

Elaina's Truth

"A sexual assault – no matter how “minor” it was, still affects you. Years later you don’t remember the exact date, time, address, etc. But you remember the assault. Vividly. It changes where you park your car, or the seat you book on the plane, or how you get into an elevator. Instead of excusing these assaults (“It’s not like she was raped.” “He was just drunk.” “It was a long time ago.”) ask yourself why so damn many of us have these stories to tell. #MeToo - Elaina

"Survivors' Series" Michael's Truth