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Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention training 

Workplace Harassment


Our Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is designed to address the concerns that sexual harassment poses for employers and employees and provides a preventive approach to address workplace culture. Our comprehensive program is compliant with NYS Sexual Harassment Law and meets Federal & NYS requirements.

The initiative is designed to create a culture free of sexual harassment through enhancing leadership and employee knowledge, understanding what sexual harassment is and the impact that it has, and build skills to identify, respond to, and prevent it from happening. 

Our sexual harassment prevention training includes: 

  • Leadership Orientation: a 90-minute beginning conversation for supervisors and leaders within the workplace 
  • Employee Training: a 2-hour interactive seminar for all employees and managers
  • Bystander Training: a 90-minute additional training
  • Policy review, prevention planning & assessment and consultation

*Set rates apply for non-profit and for-profit organizations. 

For more information or to schedule a training at your organization, please email our Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Coordinator or call 315-425-0818.