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Working to create a world free of violence & abuse

We're Partnering with Speach Family Candy Shoppe in August

We're Partnering with Speach Family Candy Shoppe in August

Vera House is proud to partner with the Speach Family Candy Shoppe throughout the month of August as part of their 10 Decades of Giving event!

During August, 100% of the profits from the decadent chocolate & toffee pretzel rods go to Vera House!! Order online or pick-up at The Speach Family Candy Shoppe located at 2400 Lodi Street, Syracuse. Each bag contains one dark chocolate and one milk chocolate pretzel rod. A delicious sweet & salty treat!

We're honored to partner with Speach Family Candy Shoppe on their 100th Anniversary celebration and wish them much success in the years to come!



A Message to Andrew Cuomo

“The Friends of Andrew Cuomo” spent over $300,000 to launch an ad campaign designed to paint former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as a victim of political attacks because of the sexual harassment claims against him. We cannot allow this gaslighting to continue while the ad revictimizes victims of not only Cuomo’s sexual harassment but ANYONE who has ever experienced abuse. The tactics used by Cuomo and his supporters further represent the barriers that survivors face every day that prevent them from coming forward and getting support. 


We at Vera House have asked Andrew Cuomo to take accountability for the harm he has caused on multiple occasions. Instead of admitting to his wrongdoings, he continues to use power and control to suppress and invalidate the truths of the survivors.  Today we released a video, produced by Solon Quinn Studios and supported by Survivors’ Network, that sends a powerful message to survivors, "I believe you."  


We are asking you to help us amplify the video so that survivors throughout New York and the rest of the world know that we believe and stand with them. 


Here’s how to get involved:  

1. Share our post on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter  

2. Engage with our content on Instagram and TikTok   

3. Share survivor support resources from your organization  

4. Tag @verahouseinc  


For any questions or to request an interview with a member of Survivors' Network, please contact us at: