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Support our Summer Appeal

Support our Summer Appeal

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The change of seasons is a time of transformation, growth, and new beginnings. For these miraculous changes to happen, it takes many small steps including letting go of what was and relying on others to help. It is not unlike the changes that a survivor of domestic or sexual violence goes through to get to a place of safety, healing, and hope.

For over 40 years, Vera House has had the privilege to witness thousands of survivors’ transformation and growth to a life free from fear and abuse. We welcome them when they arrive, often with what they can pack in a small bag or just the clothes on their backs. When they are ready to take the next step in their journey, we are humbled to support their new beginning.

The Vera House Emergency Assistance Program provides victims of domestic and sexual violence with provisions to move forward and transition to life on their own, away from their abusers. Common needs when moving out of shelter or out of an abusive environment include: bed sets, strollers and car seats, security deposits, and funds to secure birth certificates, ID’s, and prescriptions. Requests for funds from our Emergency Assistance Program regularly exceed the revenue dedicated to the program. Please consider helping us replenish this essential, empowering program this summer. The impact of your gift will be life-changing for the many people we serve in our community.

Make a generous donation today to help survivors in our community move to a reality of safety and healing.

P.S. Please consider a monthly gift to support victims in their move to living safe, self-sufficient lives.