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Working to create a world free of violence & abuse

Support our Winter Appeal

Support our Winter Appeal

Donate to our Winter Appeal.

Hope, gratitude, and recommitment are themes that come to mind as another year nears its close. They are reflective of what it takes to stay committed to this work. And what it takes for a person to move from victim to survivor. 

We see hope in the faces of survivors. We hear hope in our conversations with YOU – our volunteers, donors, and community champions. 

We are full of gratitude for your generous support that is not only saving lives today, but is paving the way to prevent future abuse. We are full of gratitude for your voice that speaks out against violence, oppression, and harassment….your voice that is making a difference in our community.

As we approach a new year, we need your support more than ever. Please donate now so we can ensure our services and prevention work continue. We also invite you to recommit to the mission of Vera House by signing our pledge. By signing you commit to:

  • Never condone, support or commit domestic or sexual violence or elder abuse
  • Offer care & support to those who have been hurt
  • Foster hope & healing across our community 
  • Work to change a culture that continues to tolerate and condone this violence

Together through hope, gratitude, and recommitment, we can change the world to one free of violence and abuse. 

P.S. Please consider a monthly gift to support our vision of a world free of violence and abuse.