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White Ribbon Campaign Walk

Mar 29, 2019 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Location: Clinton Square, Syracuse

Click HERE to support our White Ribbon Campaign Walk!

#StandWithVeraHouse and participate in our White Ribbon Campaign Walk. We'll walk from Clinton Square through the Armory Square District where we’ll tie white ribbons around trees and lamp posts in recognition of the 25th Annual White Ribbon Campaign.

The walk ends at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown's Persian Terrace where you can enjoy refreshments and a short, closing program.

Take it one step further, and help us fundraise to support our 25th Annual White Ribbon Campaign! In honor of our White Ribbon Campaign's 25th Anniversary, we've set a $25,000 online fundraising goal It's quick and easy for you to get started - click HERE to register and help us create a world free of violence and abuse.