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The Evergreen Network is a division of Vera House, Inc. that addresses elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. This page provides important information on the topic of elder abuse, including:

Did You Know?

What to Look For

Would You Recognize the Signs of Elder Abuse?

Elder Abuse Resources

Education & Professional Training

Evergreen Network Posters

Join Us In Our Fight to End Elder Abuse

About Elder Abuse...Did You Know?

  • Elder Abuse is an under-recognized problem with consequences that can be devastating and even life-threatening.
  • Elder Abuse includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse, caregiver neglect and financial exploitation.
  • Elder Abuse doesn’t discriminate - it affects senior citizens across all socio-economic groups, cultures and races. 
  • 90% of elder abuse happens at the hands of family members.
  • Elder Abuse can occur anywhere – in the home, in nursing homes or in other institutions.
  • Elderly persons are abused at a disproportionately higher rate than younger adults; 14% of adults over 60 have been abused, and this number grows to 50% of individuals with dementia.
  • A recent New York State prevalence study of elder abuse determined that only 1 of approximately 24 incidents comes to the attention of authorities.
  • Billions of dollars are lost annually to elder financial exploitation.

What to Look For

  • Unexplained injuries, bruises or burns
  • Excessive fears, withdrawal, agitation
  • Sudden inability to pay bills, buy food or personal items
  • Isolation and withdrawal from people and activities
  • Changes in appetite; unusual weight gain or loss
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Unaware of personal finances
  • Changes in behavior around a family member/caregiver

Elder abuse can occur anywhere, but most often goes undetected at home.

Would You Recognize the Signs of Elder Abuse?

What is elder abuse, exploitation and neglect?  Abuse is any repeated behavior used to control you physically, sexually or emotionally.  Neglect is a caregiver's refusal to provide four your safety, physical or emotional needs.  Exploitation is stealing money or property or using money as a way to maintain control.

Elder abuse can happen to anyone! You may be more at risk to experience abuse because you may:

  • Not be able to defend yourself
  • Be isolated
  • Be less able to escape
  • Be dependent on others
  • Fear that you may not be taken seriously
  • Fear what could happen to you if you report abuse

Elder abuse usually happens by people you love, trust and rely on such as adult children, spouse/partner, grandchildren or other family members, friends & neighbors and other people who regularly care for you.

Local Community Resources:

If someone you know is suffering from elder abuse or maltreatment, you can help. In case of emergency call 911. The following resources are available in Onondaga County:

Vera House 24-Hour Crisis & Support Line

Onondaga County Adult & Long Term Care Services
Adult Protective Services

Office for Aging

2-1-1 CNY
Call 211 or 1-844-245-1922

State & National Resources:

New York State Protective Services for Adults

New York State Coalition on Elder Abuse

National Council for Aging Care

National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life 

US Department of Justice Elder Justice Initiative 

Education and Professional Training

Would you like to learn more about the problem of elder abuse?  Presentations can be tailored to senior groups, community organizations and professionals.

Topics include:

  • Types of abuse 
  • Indicators of abuse
  • Risk factors
  • Barriers to reporting
  • Intervention
  • Community resources

Presentations can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the needs of your group.  If you are interested in having and elder abuse presentation, please call Vera House at 315-425-0818 or click HERE to send an e-mail.

Free Local Posters and Other Resources

This series of 6 posters offers valuable information on elder abuse. To order your FREE POSTERS or Elder Abuse brochures call 315-425-0818 or click HERE to complete a request for materials. Materials available in both English and Spanish.

NOTE: Requests for materials outside Onondaga County cannot be accommodated. 

Click to see entire poster

Evergreen Network Poster #1, As a mother, you
protected your
children, never
dreaming you’d have
to protect yourself
from them. Evergreen Network Poster #2, You gave them all you could when they were growing up, never thinking they’d steal the rest. Evergreen Network Poster #3, Sexual abuse by a family
member…who will ever
believe you? Evergreen Network Poster #4, All these years, you’ve
shown your family
kindness and respect.
How can they treat you
so differently? Evergreen Network Poster #5, You always took care of your family. How can they neglect you now? Evergreen Network Poster #6, This poster includes tear-off sheets with local resources that can be discreetly taken if assistance is needed.
Evergreen Network PSA 1 Evergreen Network PSA 2

Mary Anne Corasaniti Discusses Elder Abuse

Vera House volunteer recently talked to Amy Robbins of 93Q about elder abuse awareness and how we can create more resources for it. Listen to their conversation here.

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