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Alternatives Program

Alternatives Program Background

The Vera House Alternatives Program started in 1989 to provide a forum for men to learn:

  • that men have no right to control their partner
  • that each person is completely responsible for his/her own behavior
  • what domestic violence is and how it affects the victim and children

Alternatives Program Principles

  • People can act non-violently in relationships.  We can build healthy, respectful relationships.
  • Domestic violence or abuse is wrong.  It is a crime.  No one deserves to be abused.
  • Abuse may be learned. However, it is always a conscious choice.
  • Traditionally, men have had power over women in our society.  Violence and abuse have, unfortunately, been effective means to maintain this injustice.
  • Abuse is used to control one's partner.
  • Only the person who commits the violence can stop it.  Reasons like "l lost control," "she/he provoked me" or "I was drunk" are excuses to avoid responsibility.
  • Domestic abuse is not "mental illness."  Men learn to be violent from social messages, peer encouragement and family role models.
  • Accepting responsibility for one's actions is the first step to change.

WHAT is Alternatives? 

Alternatives is a 15-class program with weekly classes (1.5 hours). See our Alternatives Program Core Themes.

Attending Alternatives in no way ensures that the person will stop their abuse and violence.

WHERE is Alternatives?

Classes are located at 449 E. Washington Street (corner of Townsend).

WHEN is Alternatives?

Orientations are held the first and third Wednesday of each month at 5:15 p.m. Click HERE to register for orientation online.

Weekly classes are held at various days and times.

Program Cost?

Fees are on a sliding scale, based on take-home pay.

For More Information

Please click HERE to email the Alternatives Program Coordinator or call (315) 425-0818.

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