90% of elder abuse happens at the hands of family members. Aging is natural...abuse is not!



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2017 Elder Abuse Conference

The Syracuse Area Domestic & Sexual Violence Coalition's Elder Justice Committee hosted a conference entitled, I called and they didn’t do anything: PROTECTION, INTERVENTION and SELF-DETERMINATION," to recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in Onondaga County.

At this year's event, both seniors and community partners from across Onondaga County joined together to address elder abuse. The conference provides critical preventative education about Elder Abuse to the Syracuse community and professionals who work here.

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Conference presentations covered a diverse array of topics, including:

  • Keynote: Balancing Autonomy and Protection
    Elder abuse cases on are the rise.  Often the offender has an ongoing relationship with the victim, such as a spouse, partner, adult child or other family member or caregiver.  Older victims want the abuse to end but they may also want to continue to have contact with the person who has harmed them.  Victims who have cognitive capacity have the right to choose what steps they want to take.  This session explored how our personal values and professional roles impact our views on balancing autonomy and protection and affect our efforts to work together.
  • Workshop A: Capacity & Self-Determination
    Through case studies and a review of case law, this workshop will review the right of self-determination and examine legal capacity and the option of guardianship.
  • Workshop B: Legal Ethics in Elder Abuse Cases
    This workshop will address ethical issues that arise in the context of representing and assisting seniors who experience elder abuse and financial exploitation.  Issues include identifying who is the client, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, and effective legal capacity determinations.
  • Workshop C: The Ethics of Advocating for Vulnerable Older Adults: Beyond Self-Determination
    This session will review using the Social Work Code of Ethics as a guide in problem-solving interventions with vulnerable older adults.
  • Workshop D: Anatomy of a Fraud
    This course will walk attendees through a real-life fraud that combines various fraud schemes targeting elderly victims. A follow-up discussion will cover how stakeholders can effectively intervene and mitigate in complex fraud schemes.    
  • Workshop F: Trauma Informed Care and the Older Population
    The workshop will look at Trauma Informed Care based on the Community Resiliency Model from the Trauma Resource Institute, as well as SAMSHA recommendations for trauma informed care. It will include the definition of Trauma Informed Care along with the characteristics and impact of trauma in the aging population. Concepts and skills will be introduced to help stabilize and reduce symptoms of traumatic stress with older adults.
  • Workshop G: Using Mediation to Address Adult Family Dynamics and Disputes
    Through presentation and case studies, common triggers of adult family conflict, including caregiver stress, will be highlighted, and barriers to overcoming related disputes identified. Alternative dispute resolution methods will be explored, with an emphasis on the benefits of mediation in de-escalating adult family conflict and rebuilding relationships. Community resources specializing in elder/adult family mediation will be described.

  • Workshop H: Legal Responses to Financial Exploitation
    Through presentation and review of case studies, this workshop will review how to identify warning signs of financial exploitation, litigation and other legal responses including a review of powers of attorney and guardianship.

  • Workshop I: Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program Overview
    This workshop will be a general description of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, both statewide as well as local. The focus will be on the role of the Ombudsman in long term care facility settings and how they assist in preserving resident rights and resolving resident concerns, including suspected abuse or neglect.  

  • Workshop J: Collaboration in Elder Financial Exploitation Cases
    This workshop will provide an overview of how various service providers can collaborate on issues of elder financial exploitation. Presenters will cover what services can be provided by Adult Protective Services, financial institutions and civil attorneys when helping clients face the issue of exploitation.

  • Workshop K: Investigating Financial Exploitation: APS’s FEIST-y New Approach
    This workshop will introduce a new approach to investigating financial exploitation being piloted by NYS OCFS Bureau of Adult Services in Onondaga and Queens Counties through a grant from the Administration for Community Living. The tools assist case workers with interviewing clients, collecting records, analyzing bank and investment accounts, and successfully referring cases to guardianship court, law enforcement, forensic accountants, MDTs, and other community resources. 

  • Workshop L: Community Resources: Adult Protective Services and Office for Aging
    The workshop will look at the role of County Programs that support older adults, including Office for Aging and Adult Protective Services for Adults (APS). This will include discussion on how a case is reviewed by APS.

  • Workshop M: Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Address Financial Exploitation of Older Adults
    Presenters will provide an overview of the Multi-Disciplinary Team of Onondaga County and discuss how service providers can effectively utilize the Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Team for cases of suspected financial exploitation.   

    To learn more about elder abuse and its effects on our community click here.

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20th Annual Elder Abuse Conference . June 15, 2017

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