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You can add your signature to the list below of community members who are making the commitment to help bring meaningful change to our community by clicking HERE.

Please indicate in the e-mail how you would like your name to appear on the list, and include your organization, other affiliation, memorial or personal tribute you would like recognized.

I will . . .

  • never condone, support or commit domestic or sexual violence
  • bear witness to crimes of sexual and domestic violence in our midst
  • offer care & support to those who have been hurt
  • bring accountability to those who have hurt others
  • foster hope & healing across our community
  • work to change a culture that continues to tolerate and condone this violence

Jeffery & Jerri Abbey . in Memory of my sister Wendy Dirk
Ellin L. Adams
Josh Adams . Colgate Robotics Club
Esther L. Adelson
Iman Afif . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Omolara Funmilola Akinpelu . ARISE
Hanna Al-Gattas . Colgate Club Volleyball
J.D. Alexander . Colgate University
Mary Anne Almanzi . Alpha Chi Omega Sorority . Women supporting women
Brian Amidon . ARISE
Stephanie Anderson . Colgate University
Lesley Andrews . Bryant & Stratton College
Lindsay Ryan Anthony . Deaf Community Member . Community Outreach Advocate - WHOLE ME, Inc.
Mary T. Anthony
Amy Appleby . Delta Delta Delta . Colgate UniversityKevin April . Colgate University
Amanda Ashley
Lucia & David Ashley
Avery Atkins . Colgate University
Joanna Auerbach-Rodriguez . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Rose Austin . Vera House, Inc.
Gary Ayers
Caitlin Baber . Colgate University
R. Derren Backer
Rami S. Badawy . Syracuse University . Office of Judicial Affairs
Lucy Baird . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Anna Baldwin . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Baldwinsville Optimist Club
Ashley Barber
Liz Barnett . Colgate University
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Barclay
Cherrie Bardot, LMSW . ARISE
Elizabeth Barnett . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Catherine C. Barrett
Dotti Barraco Hetnar . Vera House, Inc.
Kurtis Bartliff . Colgate University
Jeff Bary . Colgate University
Jay Bauer . Colgate University
Peter Baum . Colgate Lacrosse
May Bayer . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Maria Beagle-Pollastro . Excellus BCBS . for all survivors and for other women to continue to come forward and speak up
Douglas Beauchamp . Onondaga Community College
Rosemarie Bechteler-Bush . Survivor
Lily Beckeman . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Paula Behm
David Bellso . Vera House Foundation Board and Twin Oaks Agency Group
Constance M. Belsi . I commit to taking a stand against domestic violence in the name of my brave daughter whose spirit is strong. She and her sisters will not be broken.
Tasha Benjamin . Vera House Volunteer
Olga Bensi LaTessa
Patricia Delaney Benedict
Chris Benton . Vera House, Inc.
Elisabeth Berson . Vera House, Inc.
Heather Bertelli . CNY Services
Spencer Betancourt . Colgate University
Gloria Bien . Colgate Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
Anna Birnbaum . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Tamara L. Blackmon . former victim . victorious survivor . praise the Lord our God!
Rachel S. Blair, BSW . survivor & advocate
Garland Blanch
Susan Bland-Medicis . St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center . Proud Sister
Ashley Bliss . Survivor
Debra J. Blok
Tammy Bluewolf-Kennedy
Brittany Bober . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Lisa Bonfantini . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Emily Borden . Colgate University
David Bornstein
Melissa S. Bornstein . Vera House, Inc.
Alex Bortoff
Stacy Bower
Sean Branagan
Matthew Branetti . Rugby . Colgate University
Roberta Bratjan
Ona Cohn & Bernard B. Bregman
Randi Bregman . Vera House, Inc.
Seth Brennan . Colgate University
Jessica Brickman
Sharon L. Brightman
Cathy Brochu . author . activist
Kimberly Brooks
SaraLee Brown . For my sisters Autumn & Abbey and friends who I commit to keeping protected, educated and supported
Scott Brown . Dean of the College . Colgate University
Liz Brown-Quinlan, RN . Case Manager - Toomey Residential and Community Services
Laura Elizabeth Bruner . survivor . in honor of individual strength & all that is good in this world
Joanna Brunner . Colgate University
Carol A. Bryant
Britty Buonocore . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Monika Burczyk . Colgate University
Mary Burkert . Colgate University
Tim Burkly . Colgate University
Anne E. Burlingham . Vera House, Inc.
Cornelia M. Burr
Margie Burstein
Linda C. Bush
Sharee Bush . Victims Assistance Center
Sarah Button . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Tracy Buys . PEACE Inc, Syracuse, NY
Bella Caballero . Sorella Society
Thomas M. Cacace
Louis J. Cafarchio
Susan Caggiano . loving mother and grandmother
Alice Campbell
Barbara Camwell . Admin - Victims of Narcissists
Christina Carney . Vera House, Inc.
Karen B. Carpenter
Judy Cary
Charles L. Caster
Chase Catalano . LGBT Resource Center, Syracuse University
Kelly Cattano . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Lisa M. Cavallaro
Gail & Mike Cerio
Chas Chang . Colgate University
Jesse Chang . Colgate Orchestra
Denise M. Chase
Nicole E. Chenet . Barton & Loguidice, P.C.
Bruce & Barbara Churchill
Jeannine Cilani . Zonta Club/Foundation Director
Joan Cincotta
Bob & Dottie Clark
Jennifer & Justin Clarke . DragonMoon Custom Ceremonies
Van Cleary-Hammarstedt
Gina Clifford .  National Grid
Alex Coates . Delta Upsilon . Football Team . Colgate University
Harrison Cohen . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Crystal Collette . in progress towards dignity & respect for all
Maureen Colligan . Kappa Kappa Gamma & Women's B'Ball . Colgate University
Carol M. Colvin
Patricia Colvin . Domestic violence, violence of every kind must stop YESTERDAY!
Layne Comunale
Mary Coogan . ARISE
Christine M. Cook
Crystal Cooley . SUNY Oswego . Vera House. Inc. Intern
Christine Corbett . in recognition of the strength within us all
Megan Corso-Waldrath . Prevention Resource Center
Vera B. Costello
Anne L. Coughenour
Ethan Cox . Colgate Men's Hockey
Stefanie Kovacic . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Caroline Cragin . Computer Science . Colgate University
John J. Crandall . Pride Union, Syracuse University
Chris Crane . Theta Chi . Colgate University
Cal Crawford . Colgate University
Jacinto M. Cruz
Loren Cunningham . Vera House, Inc.
Donald Cushman . for my wife, Valerie
Valerie Cushman . Geddes Federal Savings and Loan Association
Amy Cymore . BCAC . Colgate University
Deborah D'Angelo
John & Andrea Danial
Nicole Daniel . Survivor . Syracuse University
Therese Wiley Dancks
LouAnn Darlington . ARISE
Christine A. Dascher
Hannah Dashnefsky . Colgate University
Betty  S. Davies .  DV Survivor . University of Phoenix Psychology Program
Wendy Davis
Chuck & Jean Davoli
Patricia DeBona-Rosier
Mary P. Deegan/Horan
Michelle A. Degennaro
Linda Degus-Barns . Bless the millions who have suffered horrendous treatment, and may we become stronger with the will to survive and flourish
Carol Fowler DeLany . BSN, RN-BC
Lynette DelFavero . Syracuse Police Department
Diana DeMerio
Lindsay Denny
Kyle Deombeleg . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Madeline J. Derbyshire . Onondaga County Children's Division
Elaine D'Eredita
Renee DeVesty . Blossom/Take Root & Grow
Armelle de Vienna . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Chris DeVoe
Donald F. Dew
Courtney Diamond . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Darcy DiBiase . Designworks Advertising
Christopher Didio . Partner, Dannible & McKee, LLP
Rosemarie DiMento
Sam Dinte . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Bailey DiOrio . Colgate Club Field Hockey
Simon Dolginow . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Elizabeth A. Dole, DVM
Gibs Donohue . Colgate Ski and Snowboard Club
Katie Donovan . ARISE
Kirsi Donovan . CPS Recruitment
Matt Donovan . Colgate Class Council
Marty Dougher . Ablest Management
Emma S. Dovi . Student Assistance, Syracuse University
Katie Downey . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Diane Draheim
Mani Rose Dreyfuss . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Ela Dugan . Delta Delta Delta . Colgate University
Penny Dugas
Alexandra T. Dukat . survivor . Dedicated to my parents for not seeing me as a victim, but as a strong woman.
Meaghan Duncan . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Kaitlyn E. Dunn
Chris Durik . Lacrosse . Colgate University
Caitlin Dwyer . Colgate University
Karen Dygert . ENHANCE @ Upstate Medical University & Sigma Theta Tau Inc., Omicron Alpha Chapter
Lisa Earle . Vera House, Inc. Elder Abuse & Youth Awareness Educator
Brett Eckberg . Theta Chi . Colgate University
Hilary Edmunds . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Linda Egerton
Cait Egler . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Jordan Eipper . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Samuel Ely . Colgate University
Amanda Emm . Excellus BCBS
Martha Engh . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Cadey Engineri
Casey Engineri
Cristin Engineri
Mathew Engineri
Janet Epstein
The E.R. Family at AMH . Lisa, you will live on forever in our hearts!
Nell Ethridge . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Bradley Evans . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Denise Evans . survivor . Vera House Shelter Case Manager
Shirley Evans . Excellus BCBS
Amanda EyeAm .  In loving memory of Bridget Bell 
Sonya Falcone . Kappa Kappa Gamma & Swinging Gates . Colgate University
Jane Feld
Mark Feldman
Kristen Fellows . Volunteer with Vera House, Inc.
John & Mary Jane Fennessey
Filippo Feoli . Colgate University
Bryan Ferguson . Colgate University
Amanda Fernley . Colgate University
Jackie Finn . Colgate University
Betsy Fischer . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Shirley Fitch
Gary Fitzgerald . Salvation Army
Sarah Fitzgerald
Anika Flagg . Survivor/Conqueror-Restoring Beauty from Ashes
Gary R. Forbes
Ellen Ford . Vera House, Inc.
Barbara A. Forleo . Ernst & Young
Marci Fornari . Colgate University
Eileen A. Foss
Drew Foster . SCP. Colgate University
Sue Foster . Science Dept Chair at Manlius Pebble Hill School
Allen Frank
Teresa Fravil . Colgate University
Samuel Freccia . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Pia Freedman . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Jeanice Freeman
Halle Freiman . Colgate University
Jonathan Friedman . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Dr. Sara L. French
Rita Frisina-Lucas
S. Frydenlund . Colgate University
M. L. Fuller
Mark & Polly Fuller . in memory of Jenni-Lyn Watson
Nick Galanin . Colgate University
Kathy Gates
Christopher S Gauris, Sr
Julie Gelb, Alpha Xi Delta - Eta Chapter, Syracuse University The Girl Code Movement, Syracuse University
Susan Germain . Syracuse University
Acacia Gibson
Megan Gilbert . Colgate Track and Field
Terri Gilbert . in memory of my good friend, Wendy Dirk
Pete Gill . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Thomas Gilmartin
Dorothy Gilmer
Alex Girden . Rugby . Colgate University
Stephen F. Glahn Sr.
Rachel Gleason . Excellus BCBS
Josh Glick . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Rachel Godbout . Delta Delta Delta . Colgate University
Linda Godfrey-Leonardi
Alex Goldberg . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Christine Goldman . Doulas of CNY
Evan Goldszak . Football Team . Colgate University
Cindy Goodson . Survivor and thankful for the strength God gave me as a result
Grace Goodwin . Colgate University
Greg & Lisa Goodwin
Karen Grabowski
Erin Greco . CNY SPaRC . Encouraging survivors to take back what was taken from them
P. Green
William C. Green . CNY Central Media Group
Shaela Greenfield . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Lisa G. & Seth S. Greenky
Emily Greiff . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Linda Greytak
Alex Grieve . Gate House . Colgate University
Cynthia Griffin, Bachelor of Science in Community & Human Services
Jen Griffin . Delta Delta Delta . Colgate University
Julia Griffin . Colgate University
Shannon Griffin . Food Bank of Central New York
Gary Grossman
Emily Guenther . Colgate University
Katie Guillemin Franken
Ben Gulla . Colgate University
D. Gunasekera . Colgate University
Denise Gushea Evans . Survivor
Lori Hable . Department of Emergency Communications
Bailey Hagen . Colgate University
Trevor Halfhide . Colgate University
Jerome Hall
Wahienhawi Hall . Vera House, Inc.
Janice M. Hamlin . Vera House Inc.
Wayne M. Hamlin
Gail Hamner
Theresa Hankin . For my friend Angela
Kenneth S. Hansen
Susan C. & G. Burton Harbison
Kelsey Harbord . Colgate University
Matthew Harnisch . Colgate University
Lori Harper . Syracuse University Counseling Center
Anna P. Harris
Dawnmarie Harris
April M. Hart . In memory of my sweet niece, Michelle Carey Noce
Michele Hart . Weedsport Schools . in memory of Andrea
Michael Hartley
Charles Stuart Hartwick . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University
Ardena Harvey . survivor . Virtuous Women on the Rise!
Josh Hasenberg . Colgate University
Joel & Anita Hastings
Patricia Hastings
Melissa M. Havener
Holly Havenstein . Basketball Team . Colgate University
Susan Hayes . Counselor & Crime Victim Advocate for the Elderly at the Sexual Assault & Crime Victim Assistance Program for Rensselaer County
Adele Hedden . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Connor Hedges . Colgate University
Matt Heineman . Substance Free. Colgate University
Tammy Heitmann
Zach Helfe . Phi Delta Theta . Colgate University
Eli Heller . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University
Sarah Henderson . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Matthew Hendler . Phi Gamma Delta . Syracuse University
Carolyn Hendrickson . Rescue Mission
Will Herling . Sigma Chi . Colgate University
Melissa Herrick . Colgate University
Kathryn Hess . Colgate Outdoor Education
Jenny Hicks . Vera House
Stefanie & John Higgins
Emily Hildebrand . Colgate University
Sarah Hill . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Sara Hirsch . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Sara Hjalmarson . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Carol Hladun
Debi Hobbs . ACCESS Team
Gus Hobbs . Colgate University
Stef Hoffman . Gamma Phi Beta . Groove . Colgate University
Teddi Hofmann . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Katie Holland . Hourglass . Colgate University
Shannon Holliday
Kate Hollnagel . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Kathryn Homan . Colgate University
Hilary Hooley . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Jessica Hootz . Colgate Women's Ice Hockey
Anna Hopkins . Colgate University
Julie Hopkins . Colgate University
Andrea Horak . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Susan R. Horn
Lynn and David Horowitch
Hillary Hosier . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Roger Howard . Vera House, Inc.
Joyce Howden
Helen Howe
Patrick Hughes . Sigma Chi . Colgate University
Ryan Hughes . Colgate University
Linda Hughson Pacelli
John Huhtala . Chase Bank
Danielle Humiston
Ali Hunter . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Debra Hurley . Vera House Foundation
Matt Hurley . Theta Chi . Colgate University
Hilary Hursh . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Jamie Hutchinson . Survivor
Joseph Iamondo
Caroline Incaro . Colgate University
Barbara F. Ingersoll
Johanna Isaac . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Laura Isanuk . Colgate University
Carla Isley . Colgate University
Kaitlin E. Ivery
J. Michael Shoes
Merritt Jackley . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Robin Jackson
Mitchell Jaffe
Tara James . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Muriel Jarsonbeck
Aaron Jeffrey
Selby Jenkins . Colgate University
Janice Jenner
Charlotte C. Johnston . in loving memory of my father, Ernest, who took responsibility for his actions
Annie Johnson . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Glen Johnson . Prevention Resource Center
Tucker Johnson . Colgate University
Andrew Jones . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University
Taylor Jones . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University
Max Jurish . Colgate University
Cheryl Kadlubowski
PJ Kadzik . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
John Kahler . Colgate Men's Rugby
Rebecca Reed-Kantrowitz
Ally Kaplan . Colgate University
Sandra Kaplan
Erin Kash
Gurion Kastenberg  . Colgate University
Mitch & Leslie Katz
Paula M. Katz
Gwen Kay & Jef Sneider
Cleo Keohane . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Kenidi Kern . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Ali & Margery Keskin
Andrew Kim . Colgate University
Diana Kim . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Isaac Kim . KASA . Colgate University
Alicia Kimpland . St. Joseph's College of Nursing
Kay A. Kin
Annette King . Vera House, Inc.
Jenelle King . survivor, not a victim
Jill Kinter . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Amanda Kirwan . Hockey Team . Colgate University
Abigail Klein . Onondaga Community College
Jackie Klepper . Colgate University
John Kline
Jenna Klynstra . Colgate Women's Ice Hockey
Joslyn Knight
Sapna Kollali & Kevin Tampone
Evelyn Koh . Colgate Raiderettes
Jodie Koo . Colgate Benton Scholars
Sebastian Kooyman . Colgate University
Bill Kousmanidis . AHEPA
Lisa Kowarski . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Nancy Kronen . ARISE
Peter Kropp . Colgate University
Olivia Kuby . Colgate University
Courtney Kundtz . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Lia Kunnapas . Swim Team . Colgate University
Pete Kraai, DVM
Jess Krebs . Delta Delta Delta . Colgate University
Peter Kropp . Theta Chi . Colgate University
Laura LaBarge
Nancy Jean Labbe
Caroline Labriola . Colgate University
Cheryl Ann Ladenheim
Alyssa LaFaro . Syracuse Woman Magazine
Michele LaFauci . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Alisa LaFlair . To all the women who have overcome and are speaking up for those aren't ready or too scared..please ask for help; people will help and listen. You're not alone!
Kathy Lahey
Allan Landes . Syracuse VA Medical Center, Rehabilitation, SCI and Polytrauma
Crystal LaPoint . survivor . musician . artist
Joseph Lavelle . Theta Chi . Colgate University
Stacey Lawson . Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant
Brenda Lazipone . Survivor
Rebecca LeBlanc
David Lederer . Colgate University
Gi Young Lee . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Jason Lee . Brothers . Colgate University
Myung-Jin Lee . Habitat for Humanity . Colgate University
Tom Lee . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Patrick & Jennifer Leitgeb
John Lembeck . Sigma Chi . Colgate University
Christa Lemczak
Daniel D. Lent . First Niagara Bank
Erin Leon . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Dan Leonard
Jeff Leonard . for my sister, Lori Leonard . You will always carry on . . . Love, Jeff
Jessica Leslie . Colgate University
Ethan Levitt . Colgate University
David Levy . Delta Upsilon . Rugby . Colgate University
Deb Lewis . Damsel in Defense . I pledge to work to change a culture that continues to tolerate and condone domestic/sexual violence and human trafficking. I pledge to be a vehicle for education and awareness to support the efforts of Vera House  and its partners  
Marnie D. Lewis . In memory of my mother, Beatrice Mae Capperalli
Eleanor Liddiard
Joanne Linnenbach . ARISE
Nora Linn . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Kim Lipke . ARISE
Ryan Loomis . Colgate University
Sarah Looney . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Jerry & Sharon Lord
Shelby L. Love . in honor of strong women everywhere
Stacey L. Love . in honor of my mother, Kathy L. Ritch
Ruth Loveless . Alumni Office . Colgate University
LTG Marketing & Development, Inc
Joann Lynch . Colgate University
Ben Lynett . Sigma Chi . Colgate University
Catherine MacDonald . Colgate University
Nancy J. Mack
Tim Macko . Staffing Supervisor . Ablest Management
Andy Mager . Syracuse Cultural Workers
Tom Magnarelli . LeMoyne College
Bess Magnuson . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Cameron Mahjoubi . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Chris Mahoney . Sigma Chi . Colgate University
Grace Mai . Colgate University
Shanshan Mai . Colgate University
Pauline Majchrzak
Jen Majesky . survivor and advocate . McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Site
Heather M. Malagese
James M. Mallan
Janet Mallan
Lynn A. Mallaro
Madeline Malone . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Michael Manatrizio . Rugby . Colgate University
Jodi Mangano
Stephanie Manning . Colgate University
Jessica Manny . for Angie
Alyssa Manoogian . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Pamela Marcinkowski
Brett Marfurt . Basketball Team . Colgate University
Ali Margolis . Colgate University
Mary A. Marrone-Sacco
Julia Marshall . Colgate University
Brad Martin . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Julia Martin
Ryan Marynowski . Swim Team . Colgate University
J. Mason . Delta Upsilon . Colgate University
Jeanne Mathews-Fox . Vice President, Geddes Federal Savings & Loan
Rich Matz . Delta Upsilon . Football Team . Colgate University
Scott Matzen . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University

Rebecca Maurer .Survivor
George Mavredakis . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Rich and Brooke Maxwell
Stephanie Maynard
Christine McCartan
Pamela J. McCarthy . St. Joseph’s Health
Elizabeth A. McCauley . for my sister
Rachel M. McClean . Terra Organic Spa
Hilary McConnaughey . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Toni T. McEniry . ARISE . in memory of Wendy Dirk
Gwen McGraw . social worker . Aurora of CNY, Inc.
Jack McGuigan . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Melissa McKenzie . SLF . The Dischords . Colgate University
Amy McHale . Chair . Vera House Foundation
Kelsey McInerney . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Cam Mckee . Colgate University
Tom McKeown . ARISE
Julie Mckinney 
Roxanne McMaster . Vera House, Inc.
Amy E. Mehringer
Kim Mellema . In honor of strong women everywhere
Clare Merrick . Syracuse University
Michael Messina-Yauchzy . Onondaga Community College
Phil Merry . Vera House Volunteer
Richard J Meyhoefer . Richard's Home Improvements
Sabrina R. Michalski . Syracuse University Community Mental Health (Counseling) Master's Student
Wendy Miles
Addison Miller . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Alec Miller . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Kathy Miller . OCM BOCES Youth Development
Michael Miller . Colgate University
Rebecca Miller . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Lynn M. Mingolelli . for those who suffer repeated unimaginable, hurtful VERBAL abuse, and think it's NOT abuse.
Kathleen Mitchell
Donald C. Molten III . Theta Chi . Colgate University
Annie Mondecar
Michael Montanaro . USA Datanet
Elisa Morales . Vera House, Inc.
Marie Morrow
Erika Mortenson . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Sarah Moses . Colgate University
Marilyn Moskal
Elsie & Michael Mowins
Arielle Moylen . Colgate Track
Liza Muhlfield . Colgate University
Brittany L. Murgallis . Syracuse University College of Law
Elizabeth Murphy . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Heather L. Murphy, LMT .  Remembering beloved friends Nicole H. Gower & Brittany L. Cutshaw
Ian Murphy . Colgate University
Emily Murray . Colgate University
Laurie Murray . survivor . Alternatives Program Coordinator, Vera House
Wayne Murray
Robert E. Myers III . Syracuse University . Burton Blatt Institute
Lucas Myerson . Colgate University
William N. Myhill .  Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University
Nicole Nadal . Newman Board . Colgate University
James Napoli . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Colleen Nassimos . The COVE . Colgate University
Caroline Nathan . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Susan Nemier
Christine Nemier
Leigh Neumann
Sana Neumann . Colgate University
Lorie Newcombe . ARISE
Cindy Nielsen . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Alexandra Nieto . College Republicans . Colgate University
Ginny Noble . Colgate University
John Nogueras . Colgate Tennis
Carolyn Nojaim
Lizzy Nolan . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Margaret Noll
Dorothy Norlander
Stephani Nummelin . Colgate University
Colleen O'Brien . Vera House, Inc.
Hillary O'Brien . Colgate University
Jerome O'Dell
Steve O'Keefe . ARISE
Jackie O'Neill . Colgate University
Jeremy O'Reilly . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Reddy Obulareddy . Colgate University
Christine Odenath . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Roseanne Olszewski . Vera House, Inc.
Jeremy O'Reilly . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University

Rebecca Ortiz. Syracuse University
Kaitlin O'Shaughnessy . Oxfam . Colgate University
Christina (Rees) Osborne
Joan Osier
Mike Otis . for Holly
Jennifer Owens
Darlene Page
Nancy, David & Meghan Page
Audrey Pallmeyer . Colgate University
Cathy L. Palm
Andrew Palmer . Theta Chi . Colgate University
Alison Panighetti . in memory of my friend, Jenni
Lesley Parish . Colgate University
Tatiana C. Parker . Syracuse Community Health Center . Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, Inc.
Dea Parody . Cornell University
Nick Pascale . Colgate Men's Basketball
Sacchi Patel . Vice President of Recruitment & Diversity: AMI: A Men's Issue, Syracuse University
Lorraine Pavlus
Samuel W. Pearce
Kristen Pease
Emily Peck . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Breanna Pendleton . Colgate University
Andy Peng . Colgate University
Mara Penne . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Paula Perkins . Survivor
Mark C. Peters
Yvonne Peters . St. Regis Mohawk Tribe's STOP Domestic Violence Program . in recognition of my Grandmother & Mother and to my Sisters, Daughter & Granddaughter
Heidi Peterson . Hockey Team . Colgate University
Jessica L. Petitto . Syracuse University College of Law
Pearl Petty . Doing personal best - Making a difference
Georgia Pham . Colgate University
Tran Pham . Colgate University
Lydia Philipp . ARISE
James R. Pickard
Paula Pickard-Perkins . Survivor
Kimberly Pille
Brian Piotrowski . Colgate Raider Pep Band
Stephanie A. Piston . State Action Leader for MADE (Moms & Dads for Education to Stop Teen Dating Violence) . survivor
Gianni Pizzitola . Colgate University
Joanne Plantz . First Niagara Risk Management
Deryn Pomeroy
Shirley Poon . Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated . Syracuse University
Wade Poplawski . Colgate Hockey
Dawn Popluhar
Trina Powers . survivor . artist . poet . photographer
Eric Prezbysz . Sigma Chi . Colgate University
Ginger Price . Vera House, Inc.
Jessica Price
Bob Pritchard . Superintendent . Mexico Central School District
Mary Lou Pritchett
Billie Pritzker . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Walter L. Putter . Board President of the Syracuse Center for Peace & Social Justice, Inc.
Amy Quonce . WindingRoadBook.Weebly.Com
Katheen M. Quinn, LMT
Kevin C. Quinn . Senior Vice President for Public Affairs . Syracuse University
Dean Raab . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Janet D. Raasch
Allison Rabinowitz . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Mary Radford
Zaudi Ramirez . Vera House, Inc.
Julian Ramis . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Ronald D. Ramsden
Marilyn A.Raymond                                                                                                                                 
Constance M. Reger
Coletta Reid
Katie Reid . Colgate University
John Reim . Colgate University
Megan Reinhart . Students4Students . Colgate University
Jessica Rettig-Ponti
Rebecca Revenna . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Taisa Reynolds . University Hospital Social Worker
Alana Ricca . Colgate University
Michael Riccione . Delta Upsilon . Colgate University
Megan Richards . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Will Richards . Colgate University
Rebecca R. Richardson . for all my sisters
Graham Rieser . Rugby . Colgate University
Omari Rigg . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Thomas J. Rinefierd
Marie Riska
Kathleen Ritch . survivor . in honor of my daughters, Shelby & Stacey Love
Sarah-Lee Ritchie
Jim Riter . Hutchings Psychiatric Center . in honor of my cousin Ann Marie Paciorek, who was abused and murdered by her boyfriend in 2008
Shakira Rivera

Rochelle Robinson, Violence Prevention Educator, Lemoyne College
Rebecca Robison . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Susan J. Rockefeller
Janet S. Rockwood
Samantha Romney . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Nicole Rookey- Teen Institute
Elena Rosati
Jennifer Rose . Vera House, Inc.
Doug Rosnick . Football Team . Colgate University
Liz Ross . Morgan Stanley
India Rosse . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Barry Rothbard . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University 2010
Janelle Rozzano
Patrick F. Rummel . Syracuse University student
Matt Russo . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Susan W. Ryan
Brianne Ryer . Vera House, Inc.
Blaire Safir . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Amy Samuels
Emma Santoro . Swim Team . Colgate University
Mara Sapon-Shevin
Camille Sarkees . Phi Sigma Sigma . Syracuse University
Rhonda H. Sass
MaryAnne Sauve
Tammy Scaramuzzino . Survivor
Jolie Scarantino . Vera House, Inc.
Julie Schad
Amy Schafer
Catherine M Schantz . parent of a victim, Dale Schantz
Hannah Elizabeth Schiewe . Colgate University . Sorella Society
Ronna Schindler . for the inner strength in us all
Tammy Schlafer . in memory of Kim Harvey
Ellie Schmidt . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Kathleen Schmidt
John & Mary Schramm
Matt Schuber . Colgate Men's Soccer
David Schulman . Colgate University
Kathy J. Schwalm . in memory of my mother. Catherine E. Haynes
Shelby Scott . Sorella Society . Hourglass . Colgate University
Beverly S. Selby
Jeff Seltzer . Social Worker McNamara School, husband and father of 2 boys
Safwan Shabab . Colgate Debate
Patrick Shanley . Colgate University
Arlyne Shannon
Adam Shapiro . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Jennifer Shaw . Vera House, Inc.
Sarah Shenker . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Paula Shortsleeve . Vera House, Inc.
Kate Silvery . Gamma Phi Beta . Rugby . Colgate University
Mary Simonson . Colgate University
Mari Sinatra
Joanne P. Sivak
Barbara Sloan
Ashley Smalley . Vera House, Inc.
Barbara Smith
David W. Smith
Fred & JoAnn Smith
Jackie Smith . Syracuse University
Laura E. Smith
Marc A. Smith
Marie Smith, MSC . ARISE
Ryan Smith . Colgate University
Arianne Smola . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Sarah L. Smothers
Darleen L. Snyder . OCC/JOBSPlus!/CSEA Women's Committee . survivor of domestic violence
Tasha Solano
Sarah Solomon . Student Assistance, Syracuse University
Kathryn A. Sowards . Vera House, Inc.
Heidi Soyster . National Grid and Northminster Presbyterian Church
Paul Spero . father, husband, friend
Benjamin Spicehandler . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University
Tammy Spraker . Crouse Hospital Student Nurse
AnnDee Sry . Sorella Society . Colgate University
St. Alban's Episcopal Church
Stacy . remembering Lisa White
Max Staffa . Colgate University
Amy Stafford . Vera House, Inc.
Katie Stager
Michael Stahrr
Jud Staller
Jane Stam . Onondaga Community College
Nicole Standish . For Betsy
Kyle Stanich . Colgate University
Fran Staniec
Wendi Starusnak . survivor, Author
Susan B. Stearns
Jane Steele . Branch Manager. Ablest Management
Hunter Steffien . Beta Theta Pi . Colgate University
Peter Stein . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Ruth Federman Stein
Liz Steiner . Colgate University
Donna Stenzel
Stephanie Stern . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Edward Stone . HFD . Colgate University
Lindsay Strand . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University
Jackie Streiff
Leslie Strobel . Colgate Swim Team
Michael Sudono . Colgate University
Alaina Sullivan . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Katie Sullivan . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Mary Sullivan . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Kara Sun . Syracuse University, Survivor
Chacea Sundman
Emily Suskin . Colgate University
Kayla Sutherland . Colgate University
Cynthia F. Sutton
Deborah Swanson
Courtney Sweeney . Colgate University . Sorella Society
Elwin & Bethany Swem
Gregory Szymaniak
Michael Taggart . Colgate University
Marsha L. Tait
Jake Tanksley . Syracuse University
Alyssa Tassone . Bryant & Stratton College
Erica Tauzer . Community Planner, EDR, in tribute to my loved ones.
Allison Taylor . Delta Delta Delta . Colgate University
Jason Taylor . Colgate Football
Monika Taylor
Nick Taylor . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University
Jessica Danboise Teal
Elaine Tearney
Erica Testni . Colgate University
Mrs. Richard Terry
Michele Tetenbaum . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Lynne Thomas-Buckshot
Karolyn L. Thomas . Carpenters Local 747 . In recognition of the strength within us all
Margaret S. Thompson
Genevieve E. Thuma
Ticor Title Insurance

Tracy Tillapaugh. Syracuse University

Sabrina Tipton . Survivor
Lindsay Todd
Bernice O. Tolles
Patricia Torrey & Warren Kritsberg
Lauren E. Townes . Vera House, Inc.
Thea Traff . Colgate University
Shakara Trammell . Survivor
Miranda l Travers
Mary Triano . SUNY ESF . Student Affairs
Bill & Donna Trombley . in memory of Wendy Dirk
Max Alexander Troper . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University
Tom Trzaska
Jennifer & Joey Tse
Kathryn Tull . Kappa Kappa Gamma . Colgate University
Vera M Turk, RN    
Kate Turnbole . Registrar's Representative, Syracuse University
Courtney Tuttle . part of the Sorella Society . Colgate University
Akua Twum
Joe and Beth Unger
Steve Urban . Phi Kappa Tau . Colgate University
Keri Valdez . Colgate University
Faith Van Voolen
Rev. Keith Veeder .
Victory Lifts, Inc
E. Jeanne Vitello
Sophie Voorhees . Colgate University
Andrew Waggoner . Composer, Setnor School of Music, SU . For my mom
Johanes Wahyugroho . Colgate University

Megan Corso-Waldrath. Prevention Resource Center
Emily Walek . Colgate University
Ariana Walker . Syracuse University
David & Mary Anne Wall
Diane Wall . in memory of Rosemary Sloane
Matthew Wall
Anna Walters . Vera House, Inc.
Frank Warner
Kelsey Warner . Colgate University
Melissa Washington . Thru the grace of the Lord past victim and survivor
Gretchen Waters . Vera House, Inc.
Gwen Webber-McLeod . President/CEO Gwen,Inc.
Dayne Weber . Colgate University
Karen Weeden
Nathanael & Cecelia Weigand
Patricia Cecilia Weigand
Pia S. Weinheimer
Emily Weiss . Colgate University
Barry L. Wells . In Memory of My Mother Louise Henderson Wells
Ashley Wetzel . Colgate University
Kaitlin Whalen . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Sally Whaley
Maggie White . Swim Team . Colgate University
Kathryn Widing . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Diane Wiener . Syracuse University
Mary Ellen Wiley
Aisha Williams . Bryant and Stratton College
Audrey Williams . Picker Art Gallery . Colgate University
John Williams . Sigma Chi . Colgate University
Deborah A. Wills .  I pledge to do all I can to help victims of domestic violence and abuse
Barb Wilson
Emily Wilson . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Mildred Winslow . Vera House, Inc.
A. David Wishart . Syracuse University . Office of Advancement & External Affairs
Brittany Wolf . Colgate University
Rev. Marilyn N. Wolfe . Centus Counseling, Denver, Colorado - in honor of amazing Vera House staff and volunteers
John Wolford . in honor of Lori Leonard
Laura Wood . Sorella Society . Colgate University
Stacey Wood . CPS Recruitment
Britt Woodbury . Colgate Women's Rowing
Ann Woodroe
Neil C. Woodworth
Patricia Wright
Gary Wu . Colgate University
Katherine Yenny
Jim Yetter . Colgate University
Will Younger . Beta Theta Pi Fraternity . Colgate University
Michael Zahka . Colgate University
Matt Zimmirman . Colgate University
Thomas M. Zinsmeyer
Amanda Zranchev . Colgate University
Sam Zuheke . Gamma Phi Beta . Colgate University


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