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#SurvivorSpeaks Julie Lovenberg

#SurvivorSpeaks Julie Lovenberg

We are proud to partner with National Coalition Against Domestic Violence on their #SurvivorSpeaks campaign. We hope that #SurvivorSpeaks will empower survivors to come forward with strength and share stories that need to be told to raise awareness.

Every day I’m a Victim Advocate... but today is the first day I am publicly identifying as a Survivor.

I was raped at the age of 16 by a boy I closed with at McDonald's. I didn’t report it for a while. In my mind, since I let him in the front door, it was my fault.

By the time I reported it, there was no physical evidence. It was my word against his. And for this reason, I didn’t move forward with the judicial process.

Today, I speak out publicly. Believe survivors. Please understand why it is so difficult to report. Let’s make it a little easier by showing support for those who come forward while they face a very difficult, personal journey to justice and healing.

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