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So What are We Gonna Do?

So What are We Gonna Do?

Violence against women is a men’s issue. And yeah, we know it is not most men who are perpetrators, but too many men turn a blind-eye and say nothing when a sexist joke or comment is made. Too many men react to disclosures of abuse by immediately taking the perpetrator out of the equation, and turn to victim-blaming, slut-shaming, and outright dismissing these reports as lies. As men, we need to learn to love, appreciate, and respect women more than the performance of, and the protection of our masculinity. This issue is far too pervasive for us to think that because it’s “not all men” it is not an issue for many of us, personally. Fellas, the spotlight is on us, so what are we gonna do? I know it’s uncomfortable, but I promise you; if we can sit through this discomfort and ask ourselves some really hard questions about how our action, or inaction, make us complicit in a culture that overwhelmingly allows for violence against women to continue at such alarming rates, we will come out as healthier men for it.

Take a few minutes to read the commentary by Alexandra Petri, and share your reactions. If you would like to have further conversations about changing our culture to end relationship and sexual violence, please contact me at or 315-425-0818, Ext. 2228.

-Eric McGriff, Vera House Educator

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